Dec 9, 2011

Amy (20) Review by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

do u know a short hair TS in CWB a few weeks ago? she looks like a TB but more like a girl, fresh and young. I saw her adv at CL and VS as well. Reasonable price but service so so. Not too enjoy due to she let it as a only a job.


Anonymous said...

hi Steve, i visited this babe today,!O-CI10677!I-Page-1!P-XC-ID43662!D.html

Her name, MACY, huge body, big cock.
She is really almost 6-feet, it should be 5'8" or 5'9", but not too fat. Keep a health look. Dark tone skin. If you are a big cock fan, you should enjoy. Her head is big, cock not so long but head is really big enough. Nice face, and nice hair style. Good service. I am only enjoy her blow job, no fucked becoz the room is small. It is in TST. If we can stay in HK side, I believe everything is better. It is worth to visit her. Especially the guys who love mistress feeling. The only problem is the small place.

Steve said...

The small places can be an issue. I've seen Macy's ads as she's passed through HK a few times. Never met with her yet. Funny how you see these girls change over the years!